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Jeonggyun "Asher" Kim (김정균)

  • Experience

    • Ballston Legal PLLC, Owner & Principal Attorney

    • Office of the Public Defender for Arlington County

    • U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia

    • U.S. Department of Transportation, Office of Hearings

    • Samsung Display Corporation

  • Education

    • Georgetown University Law CenterJ.D.

    • Chungbuk National University, B.A.

Being accused of crime is a serious matter.  Most people don't understand what it means to be a criminal defendant.  The moment you are charged with a crime, it's you against the government, either it being the federal government or the state government.  The government has access to unlimited resources at its disposal to find you guilty of the charge.  The police and the prosecution are out for blood.  But what do you have?

What you need is a competent defense attorney.  An attorney who will fight besides you tooth and nail, kicking and screaming in every way conceivable to make sure you receive a fair treatment.  It's not an easy task: that's why a vast majority of lawyers don't practice criminal defense.  But I found it fascinating and am good at it.

As much as clients choose their lawyers, I choose my clients very carefully.  If I'm going in the trenches to fight a legal war against the government, I need to know whether my battle buddy is a good fit or not.  I'm selective because I can.  (Not all lawyers graduate from a top law school)  I don't take something on just to earn a fee.  I fight for a cause and justice.

Do you have a criminal case and would like to see if we are a good fit?  If so, setup an appointment for a brief consultation...for a fee.  I do charge a fee for an initial consultation because I value my time and expertise.  I take initial consultations very seriously, and I expect my prospective clients to do so as well.  If you are not willing to pay for an expert's years of education and experience, well...we are probably not a good match.  Find someone who's desperate and cheap.  (One caveat: I do sometimes take pro bono cases if it's for a good cause.)

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